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My Strengths – My Passion

“Understanding an individual begins with recognising their distinct strengths.” Love, spirituality, and teamwork are my top 3 character strengths. These strengths are the core values influencing how I relationally lead and inspire others while creatively and collaboratively achieving goals.

Believing in the power of individual and team strengths to serve humanity’s greater good, I founded “Living Seeds” to empower others to lead purposeful lives aligned with their unique strengths.

Embracing A Multicultural Heritage

Kay is a wife and mother of two, and alongside her zest for healthy and thriving relationships, she brings a unique blend of experiences to her work. Originally from South Africa, she moved across the globe, to live in Norway, before settling in Brazil, where she currently resides and operates her business. Kay speaks a range of languages, from local South African dialects, like Sepedi and Afrikaans, to international languages, like Norwegian and Portuguese, with English as her primary language. Kay is committed to offering clients a holistic learning journey, drawing from her varied experiences, faith, and values.

Educational Background

• Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner (CAPP) – The Flourishing Center USA
• DISC Human Behavioural Analyst/Consultant – John Maxwell-DISC Team (USA)
• Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer – John Maxwell Team (USA)
• Global Studies – Intercultural Communication (M.A) – VID Vitenskapelige University (Norway)
• Public Relations Management (Hons) – University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

Hello… I am Kay

I’m passionate about helping you grow and thrive in pursuit of your purpose!

Let’s partner up for your growth!


John Maxwell
Disc consultant
Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology

Success Stories

I am so grateful for the immense help on what I learnt from her. The DISC training helped me discover a lot about myself, my business and especially what to focus on to grow and excel. Highly recommend Kay.
_Modupe Gbadamosi - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Kay has great experiences and a professional toolkit to guide you through the challenges in your personal and business growth. I have attended a 12-month group coaching program and a Vision Board session. This second one was in an amazing nice location, a creative and inspiring barn, perfect choice. Did you talk with Kay? Did you hear her calm and wise voice? I felt that, every time she is talking, it is like meditation for me. She can see deep inside my thoughts and pinpoint the doubts and fears. She knows how to swipe those feelings away and fill me up with self-confidence and ready to act attitude. Both trainings were eye opening and I am still using the learnt lessons in my daily business life.
_Dora G. Solheim - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching
Kay's patience and coaching skill is all you need in your pursuit of full self and business growth.
_Busisiwe Makwarela - South Africa,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
The DISC assessment and coaching programme gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and how I showed up. I gained insight about myself, how to present my business, play on my strengths, identify and work on my challenges. When I attended the Mastermind on DISC, it was to support a friend, sister in business. I had no intention of enrolling for the programme, but I ended up registrering and am glad I did. This programme exceeded my expectations. Thank you for helping me get started on my business journey.
_Sarifa Moola-Nernaes - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Kay is an exceptional life and career coach. She is a joy to work with, an expert in time and energy. Kay brings great communication and professionalism and quality to her work. I have experienced great internal growth. She brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me set goals, clarify my values and explore other opportunities. I was able to gain confidence and move forward into my potential and purpose, with clarity and balance. I would highly recommend her to anyone. You are the best coach out there.
_Elaine Grødem - Norway,#CareerDevelopment #BusinessDevelopment #ProfessionalCoaching
What an amazing group session we had with Kay! We at Timmy’s Round Table Bible Study Group, had a monthly mentorship session where Kay was our guest speaker. Her presentation was highly informative and enlightening. She left us with tools that continue to help us use our strengths to unlock our inner potential. A gentle voice with a Powerful message!
_Margaret Adeyemi - UK,#TeamBuilding #PersonalDevelopment #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Mark Simpson
Kay facilitates growth through gracefully creating a space for positive, transformative reflection. I have been deeply blessed and helped by her judicious, kind and challenging questions.
_Mark Simpson - UK,#LeadershipDevelopment #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education