Inspiring and Facilitating Your Growth and Development

Maximise your strengths to tap into your full potential


Coaching is a thought provoking conversation that empowers you with the answers you need to persue your purpose.


Comprehensive selection of development solutions, including a variety of workshops ranging from 45-minute sessions to full-day workshops.


We offer DISC Assessments for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, and families with children from age 10 upwards.


The “3-Growth-Pillars” program was designed to help you with persuing personal growth and professional development.


Build teams that know how to work together and leverage individual and team strengths for organisational success.

Inspirational Talks

Insightful conversations that equip the team with the tools to navigate challenges, opportunities, and advance their mission.

Why do we exist?

To Inspire YOU to achieve your potential! To Empower YOU to thrive! Within each seed lies immense potential strengths, waiting to be unlocked. You hold multiple seeds of greatness. Use your unique strengths as the master keys to unlock your potential!

A Team of Collaborators

Working Together to Serve and Transform the World

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DISC stands out as one of the foremost assessment tools for unlocking human potential. As a certified DISC Consultant, I'm part of a team of experts in strengths, personality, and behaviour analysis. We are dedicated to providing customised solutions to address your unique coaching and training requirements. Our collective mission is to empower individuals and teams, facilitating a profound understanding of their strengths. Know and leverage your strengths for personal and professional growth.

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John Maxwell Team

I am a part of a team of world class leaders who are committed to adding value to people all over the world. Inspired by the life and work of Dr. John Maxwell, our desire is to transform lives and empower leaders through personal development and proffesional growth.

This means I am licensed to speak, coach and train others using content, resources and materials from the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

Hello… I am Kay

I am passionate about helping you embrace and leverage your strengths for your success.

I am your growth journey partner!

Success Stories

I am so grateful for the immense help on what I learnt from her. The DISC training helped me discover a lot about myself, my business and especially what to focus on to grow and excel. Highly recommend Kay.
_Modupe Gbadamosi - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Kay has great experiences and a professional toolkit to guide you through the challenges in your personal and business growth. I have attended a 12-month group coaching program and a Vision Board session. This second one was in an amazing nice location, a creative and inspiring barn, perfect choice. Did
_Dora G. Solheim - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching
Kay’s patience and coaching skill is all you need in your pursuit of full self and business growth.
_Busisiwe Makwarela - South Africa,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
The DISC assessment and coaching programme gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and how I showed up. I gained insight about myself, how to present my business, play on my strengths, identify and work on my challenges. When I attended the Mastermind on DISC, it was to support
_Sarifa Moola-Nernaes - Norway,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Kay is an exceptional life and career coach. She is a joy to work with, an expert in time and energy. Kay brings great communication and professionalism and quality to her work. I have experienced great internal growth. She brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me
_Elaine Grødem - Norway,#CareerDevelopment #BusinessDevelopment #ProfessionalCoaching
What an amazing group session we had with Kay! We at Timmy’s Round Table Bible Study Group, had a monthly mentorship session where Kay was our guest speaker. Her presentation was highly informative and enlightening. She left us with tools that continue to help us use our strengths to unlock
_Margaret Adeyemi - UK,#TeamBuilding #PersonalDevelopment #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Mark Simpson
Kay facilitates growth through gracefully creating a space for positive, transformative reflection. I have been deeply blessed and helped by her judicious, kind and challenging questions.
_Mark Simpson - UK,#LeadershipDevelopment #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Alex Cacouris
It’s been such a transformative experience for our team. Her teaching has been incredibly practical, engaging and accessible. She understands people’s diverse backgrounds in training and is hugely competent in adapting it to meet the needs of the group.
_Alex Cacouris - Christ Church Rio,#LeadershipDevelopment #SkillsDevelopment #Workshop #Education
Lorena Rubim
Kay, today’s coaching was great! I give you 5 stars!
_Lorena Rubim - Brazil,#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching
Fatime Gosse-Gardet
The last coaching session was really good. I love it when I am able to put my feelings into words instead of staying in this uncomfortable feeling of not knowing. Thank you. #BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #BusinessCoaching
_Fatime Gosse-Gardet,France