Living Seeds founder, professional coach and trainer, Kay – Kgaogelo Olorunju


A coaching and training practice offering workshops, seminars and coaching to aid in personal and professional growth to individuals, organizations and companies worldwide.

At Living Seeds, we imagine a world where our daily agenda stems from and is driven by our true purpose. A world where you know who you are, what you really want out of life and know where you are headed, driven by purpose, passion and potential.

Living Seeds is founded upon the idea that our distinct dreams, gifts, talents, passions and ideas are like seeds – alive and full of potential.

When we discover, develop and nurture our seeds; we are led to the path where purpose comes to fruition. The rewards are both internal and external: experiencing an integrated, meaningful and fruitful life and; experiencing the joy of being released to bring your gifts into the world for the benefit of humanity.

What is in your hand ? Living Seeds ! Seeds of greatness !
Grow your seeds !





10:00 - 14:00 Lundegeilen 18, 4323 Sandnes
Crafting our lives & relationships through self-Awareness Discover Your: Strength, Communication style, Ideal work environment Develop Your: Confidence, Relationships, Personal Growth plan Price: 1100kr – Lunch included